The Drift requests your presence on Friday, August 5th 2016 for action 005 of Michael Jones McKean’s newly commissioned work - Rivers. The event will commence on the banks of the Allegheny River at sunset with a bonfire comprised of driftwood from rivers and streams collected throughout the continent. Beverages containing alcohol will be served for your consumption and enjoyment.  we will begin at 8pm, find us at the end of 43rd Street in Lawrenceville.

Limited parking can be found along 43rd Street or a parking lot the end of 40th Street, a short walk away by taking the Three Rivers Heritage Trail away from downtown. we advise that you wear closed toed footwear and comfortable attire.

please rsvp to


The Drift 

a sycamore branch arching over a mississippi tributary cracks under the weight of snow and ice in the great blizzard of nineteen seventy eight. at the break’s splintered fulcrum newly exposed reeds of wood tether the massive branch to its main trunk. for five seasons the branch penetrates deeper into the current of the ancient river where it provided one hundred and seven years of shade. minute by minute six thousand gallons of river flow through its submerged network of branches. schools of minnow later a bale of turtle and untold billions of protozoa bloom into complex order. plastic bags pollen petroleum aluminum cans a latex glove frayed nylon rope a child’s wool sweater and styrofoam are filtered in its twigs. on the eve of nineteen eighty one’s spring equinox rising floodwaters finally break the branch’s union from its mother tree. in that bifurcation the branch transforms into an autonomous object beginning a nomadic existence. future days and years of intermittent southward movement will parallel the branch’s inevitable decay. nine hundred forty seven nights will be spent beached in a single crook of river. an entire calendar year will be spent with clover caressing its surface. months of insects burning sun trace amounts of titanium oxide from an upstream factory brief contact with stone sand lime mercury. years on the branch continues shedding itself. each break and cleave exposes new surfaces accelerating its decay. in fall of nineteen ninety seven on a high riverbank a small portion of the origin branch makes first contact with a human. its weathered morphological structure is deemed exquisite. the human removes the wood from the its river habitat where it's soon baptized in two point six gallons per minute aerated tap water containing fluoride chlorine trace metals and pharmaceuticals. the surface of the wood is scrubbed of microbial life before its placement is determined on a shelf with silver nitrate photographs vitreous clay forms and objects of melted metal and molded polymer. for nineteen orbits the wood reflects the indoor glow of incandescent fluorescent and finally light emitting diode. the wood trades a reality of deep freezes and punishing heat waves for a steady neutral climate. dead skin cells pet dander bacon fat and tobacco resin collect on its surface. in twenty fifteen the object is touched again followed by a single sudden burst of intense light. an image effigy is created. a value is determined. months on a distant human trades denomination for the wood which precipitates travel one thousand miles to the east where it is inspected cataloged and again travels four hundred miles north by northwest near the junction of three great rivers. past folds into future and the wood will undergo transmutation. its remaining energy store will beautifully combust in hyperbolic intensity. the object's surface will momentarily reveal a furnace of flame releasing into gas soot carbon and the pure yellow light basking on your hand. the heat felt through your clothes onto your skin. from miles away a small grey trail of smoke is seen atomizing into ether.