On June 30th 2012, the Drift sailed queens Veronica Bleaus and Dani Lamorte off the shores of the Allegheny River for a floating edition of their Drive by Drag performance series. The aquatic beauties crashed the Kenny Chesney concert during the Pittsburgh Regatta, lip-syncing and gyrating to the rhythms of pop water music.

Bleus and Lamorte describe Drive By Drag as a ‘clandestine eruption of gender queer subculture that could emerge at any moment in time. These Queens of Hearts wear their subversion of gender normativity on their glittering sleeves, yet their performances in broad daylight communicate to dominant culture that these fierce ladyboys are snatching drag from the clutches of Mrs. Doubtfire's child friendliness. They aim to bring back drag as a subversive subculture and are proud of it.’

'Ya Gotta Regatta'!